What are the accepted file types for vector art?

We accept .AI, .EPS or a high resolution PDF file. If you are not able to provide the vector art and would like us to help create it, we do offer that service at a fee of $10 per logo. 

What are the lead times for JUICE orders?
  • JUICE T-Shirt Program - 5 business days*
  • JUICE Express Plus - 5 business days
  • JUICE Express - 10 business days
  • JUICE Standard - 15 business days

Always be sure to check our current lead times at the top of our sign in page at champrosports.com.

* The T-Shirt program is only applicable for selected SKUs.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can see the status of your sublimated order any time on the Custom Order Dashboard. To do so, sign in to your CHAMPRO Web Account, hover over "My Account" and then select "Custom Order Dashboard."

What is the fit item for the uniforms I am ordering?

You can find our catalog on the Marketing Tools section or by clicking the following link: CHAMPRO: Catalog Library.

How do I submit a new order?

We have two ways for you to submit sublimated orders. Your first option is to create a design on our Custom Builder and save the PDF. Then e-mail us your PDF with your account number and any changes that need to be made. JUICE orders will need to be sent to juice@champrosports.com. The second option, which is the easiest and fastest way to get your order processed, is through our Custom Builder.   

How do I submit an add-on order?

The fastest way to place an add-on order is by using our Buy Again feature.  This feature allows you to select a previous design that has been ordered and place add-ons directly in the cart. You skip the proofing step completely and your order goes straight to production. To access the Buy Again feature, sign in to your CHAMPRO web account, hover over "My Account" and then select Custom Order Dashboard. You can then select the previous order and use the arrow down on the order line to select "Buy Again."

What is the difference between Juice and SPLASH?

JUICE is cut and sew while SPLASH is a finished garment sublimation. With JUICE, you have more ability to customize your design, including putting logos on sleeves. SPLASH designs have fewer customizing options, but the are available at a lower cost.

I would like a specific color on this jersey. Can you do that?

We can do custom colors in JUICE sublimated product, though we must print and send a physical swatch for approval beforehand. This can often add a few weeks of lead time to a JUICE order. To avoid additional lead time, we encourage customers to choose similar colors from our comprehensive palette of CHAMPRO JUICE colors.

What is the minimum requirement for a new order?

New JUICE orders have a six piece minimum or there is a 25% up-charge per piece. There is no minimum on add-orders.

When will I hear back after I submit an inquiry?

You will hear back quickly. Our response time is 1-2 hours after you submit your request via email or via the Custom Order Dashboard.

What is my transit time?

All sublimated orders receive a free 2-day upgrade.

How long until I receive my proof?

Our expected proof response time is 24 hours.

If I place a JUICE order now, when will it ship?

We have three great options depending on your need. The Standard lead time for a JUICE order is 15 business days from the time of final art approval. If you need your order faster, you can choose from our Express service which is 10 business days or Express Plus service which is 5 business days from the time of final art approval. Please don't forget that the daily cutoff for approvals is 4:00 PM CST.

How do I design the reverse side of my reversible jersey/uniform? 

We now have reversible technology on our Custom Builder, so you can design both sides of the uniform on one screen.

How do I care for my Juice products? 

Follow the care instructions below.

  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not wash in hot water.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • Do not wash whites and colors together.
  • Do not dry on HIGH heat. Excessive heat may cause fabric shrinkage and color change.
  • Do not put JUICE garments through a screen print dryer.
  • CHAMPRO is not responsible for damage to apparel as a result of improper care.


Please note: U.S. Federal Regulations state that youth garments are not allowed to have drawstrings, due to a strangulation hazard.