Now In: SoccerPortable Goals → Soccer Skill Trainer
  • Portable 2-in-1 soccer trainer & rebounder
  • Designed for field players to develop enhanced passing, heading, first touch and ball finishing skills
  • Designed for goalkeepers to help improve their tossing power and arm strength
  • 2-in1 design with the strength to withstand two players simultaneously
  • Rebounder net allows the player to practice volleys and half volleys without having to chase after and retrieve balls
  • The random reaction rebounder improves a player's reaction time to better tranlate over to game play
  • Measures 6'W x 4.5'H x 3.5'D and weighs 15.5lbs
  • style:
    unit of measure:
    weight range:
    NA - 16.31 lbs
    D2 Shin Guard

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