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  • Engineered to develop the hitter's swing to produce consistent solid contact and backspin that results in line drives
  • Proper practice with the EquiTeee® will eliminate hitting problems caused by the uppercut swing
  • Made from solid rubber with specially engineered reinforcements to withstand the daily workouts of professional hitter
  • Adjusts from 22 to 37" height for effective use by major leaguers or T-Ball players
  • Designed by former Major Leaguer Eric Rasmussen with the help of professional hitting instructors
  • EquiTeee® is used by many Major League hitters to improve and maintain their swing
  • style:
    unit of measure:
    weight range:
    NA - 15.79 lbs
    WARNING: Baseball & softball are dangerous sports which may result in serious injuries or even death. Although our equipment is designed to help reduce the risk of such injuries, there is no guarantee that any injury will be prevented by the use of this equipment.
    3-Spike Pitcher's Rubber
    Oversize All-Purpose Bag 36"x16"x16"
    Four Way Pitcher's Rubber
    Pro-Plus Umpire Chest Protector

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